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Fillings - An Important, Safe Part of Restorative Dentistry

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Should I worry about mercury in dental fillings?

With last winter’s story of a Fall River man hospitalized from acute mercury poisoning related to melting dental scrap , should individuals with fillings be concerned? Is there a need to remove fillings? In short: no! But read this post to learn more about mercury, amalgam fillings, and more.

New Video! Your Baby's Dental Health

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Data on Rhode Island Children - RIte Smiles and Dental Disease

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Dental Provider Participation in Medicaid and RIte Smiles

Dental Trauma Instructions: Advice for Parents and Caregivers

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If you are a parent or caregiver, you know that kids are always on the move. Having an active child means that accidents can happen at any time, including to primary (baby) and permanent (adult) teeth. The International Association of Dental Traumatology reports that most dental injuries occur before age 19.

#Smilestones - An Impact Report

At TeethFirst!, we believe that early dental visits put children on a path to healthy smiles for a lifetime, and that it’s never too soon for dentists and families to team up – making a child’s first teeth a priority from the start. We believe that great healthcare requires a team of people working together to keep our little ones healthy.

My Healthy Smile

You and your child have been through it all, and now it’s time to celebrate!

It’s been a long road with plenty of memorable Smilestones along the way. And your child’s teeth are healthier for it! Thanks to you and the support you’ve shown them, they’re ready to take the best care of their teeth. Now and in the future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be there to remind them and keep their smile as healthy and bright as ever.

Let’s take a look at all that you’ve done, and a few things to expect next:

A Look Back

Choosing Water

What your child decides to drink to keep their smile as healthy as it can be is the next Smilestone on their list!

Everybody enjoys a cold soda or, with the warm summer sun shining overhead, that tall glass of lemonade. Every once in a while, that’s perfect! It’s what your child drinks on a daily basis that plays the most important role. Especially when it comes to their smile.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why water is the best (and healthiest) choice for your child to drink:


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