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Lost My First Tooth

It finally happened – they lost their first tooth!

As soon as your child’s teeth start coming in, you know the day is going to come when they smile wide and show off those adorable empty spaces. Their smile is changing before your eyes.

When your child’s first tooth falls out, they’ll have a lot of questions. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here you’ll find some fun and useful facts that will guide you from their first loose tooth to their brand new smile:

Expect the Wiggle: Children can expect to lose their first tooth as early as age 4, saying goodbye to another 2-3 teeth a year until that last chomper wiggles its way free. Baby teeth grow to give adult (permanent) teeth time to get big and strong. Also, baby teeth and their roots underneath keep space open so adult teeth have room to grow!

Give it Time: Losing their first tooth can be an anxious time for a child. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do at home to help it go smoothly. Your child’s curiosity will make wiggling their first loose tooth a guarantee, and that’s fine! Just be sure they never pull. Their teeth know what they’re doing and will come out when they are ready. When it finally does come out, there will be a slight tingle, maybe a little blood, but then it’s over. No fuss, no muss.

Clean and Comfortable: After your child loses their first tooth, help them rinse their mouth with salt water. A few good swishes and it’ll be nice and clean. It’s also important to be gentle with the exposed gums when brushing. There will still be some soreness, but it’ll fade after a day or so. Remember to take extra care of each new tooth as it comes in! These new teeth will be with your child from here on out into adulthood.

Making a Memory: Whether for sentimental value (they only lose their first baby tooth once, after all!) or to make sure the tooth fairy is given the best gift possible, there’s no harm in getting that tooth up to tip-top shape. Running it under the faucet is a good start, while wiping it down with rubbing alcohol will get rid of any germs or bacteria. If you want to keep it, doing this once every so often will guarantee the memory stays pearly white and shining for years to come.

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