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Great Books for Young Brushers!

Reading to your child about teeth, brushing habits and visiting the dentist is a great way to help your child learn about having a healthy smile. Here are some of our favorite books that will help you inspire your child to take care of those little teeth.

Brush, Brush, Brush! by Alicia Padron (Ages 1 and up)

This bright and energetic board book has great rhyming, rhythm and colorful illustrations that will keep your baby interested as you read and look at pictures together. Seeing the babies in the pictures taking care of their smiles will make your baby want to brush too!

I Love to Brush My Teeth, by Shelley Admont (Ages 2 and up)

Jimmy is a cute little bunny who does not like to brush his teeth. One day, he finds a magical toothbrush in his bathroom that changes everything. Jimmy learns how important it is to brush his teeth and starts to think it’s fun!  Children find Jimmy’s experiences very funny and giggle all the way through this book. Don’t be surprised if your child starts brushing without a fuss after reading about Jimmy.

Sesame Street Ready, Set, Brush: A Pop-Up Book (Ages 2 and up)

Even monsters take care of their smiles!  Elmo, Zoe and all their friends on Sesame Street tell kids how easy it is to take good care of their teeth in this fun book. There are pop-ups, wheels to turn and flaps to open that help show how to use toothpaste, brush, rinse and go to the dentist.

Going to the Dentist, by Anne Civardi (Ages 3 and up)

This is a fun book that is meant to help young children understand the new experience of going to the dentist. It explains a dentist visit step by step so there are no surprises. Children love looking for the little yellow duck hidden on some of the pages!

The Tooth Book, by Dr. Seuss  (Ages 3 and up)

With typical Dr. Seuss style, children are shown that teeth are important in this fun ode to teeth. Your little ones will laugh out loud as they learn about all the things their teeth can do and how they can take care of their teeth so they last a lifetime.

Just Going to the Dentist, by Mercer Mayer (Ages 3 and up)

Little Critter goes to the dentist for a check-up and x-rays. When his dentist discovers a cavity that needs to be filled, Little Critter is very brave and has his tooth filled without tears. Young readers enjoy this book and like to see things through Little Critter’s eyes.

Doctor De Soto, by William Steig (Ages 4 and up)

Even though Doctor De Soto and his assistant are tiny mice, they cure the toothaches of animals big and small. Doctor De Soto refuses to treat animals that eat mice until a fox with a terrible toothache comes to him, begging for relief. Will Doctor De Soto find a way to help him and not get eaten? Children really enjoy the imaginative story of this friendly dentist and his assistant. It’s an all time favorite!

Sweet Tooth, by Margie Palatini (Ages 5 and up)

Stewart has a very loud sweet tooth. It cries for cake at weddings and candy at school. The more sugar it gets, the more sugar Stewart’s tooth wants! Stewart has had enough and decides to fight back…by eating a carrot!  Will the carrot be able to win over Stewart’s loud sweet tooth?

Open Wide: Tooth School Inside, by Laurie Keller (Ages 5 and up)

Written with a sense of humor, this book is full of fun tooth facts (for example George Washington’s teeth were not made of wood!) complete with a classroom full of silly characters who are all teeth! From lessons about brushing to dentin and pulp, your child will truly enjoy learning about good oral care.


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