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Is Fluoride Rinse Right For Your Child?

The quick answer is: YES!

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in water. Fluoride is very important for children as their teeth grow and they get older because it helps to stop cavities and makes their teeth stronger. When a tooth is weakened by tooth decay, fluoride is absorbed into the tooth to make it strong again.

One way to help your child get enough fluoride is to use a fluoride rinse after brushing.

What is a fluoride rinse?

A fluoride rinse helps stop cavities in their tracks! It is recommended that children over age 6 use a fluoride rinse each night after brushing. Children young than age 6 may swallow the rinse, so it is not recommended for your child if you think he or she may swallow it.

Best Practices for using fluoride rinse

Here is how to use a fluoride rinse safely and effectively:

  • Do not give to a child under age 6
  • Children should not swallow the fluoride rinse
  • Most rinses have an exact dosage meter right on the bottle. After your child brushes and flosses before bed, have them swish the recommended amount (about 2 teaspoonfuls) of fluoride rinse around in the mouth for one minute and then spit it out into the sink.
  • Do not let your child eat or drink anything for thirty minutes after use -- this will remove the fluoride rinse! This is why it is recommended that children use fluoride rinse right before bedtime, so it stays on the teeth all night.

What to look for at the store

There are many brands of fluoride rinses for children available at drug stores or places like Wal-Mart or Target. Some of them include:

  • Tom's of Maine
  • ACT
  • Listerine Smart Rinse

The rinses come in many different flavors and can sometimes be found available as a generic store brand, which contains similar ingredients and can be purchased at a lower price.

Using a fluoride rinse is just another great way to help your child's teeth stay healthy and protected!

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