Teeth First! Teeth First!

Smile Friendly Snacks

Keeping that smile takes work – but there’s no rule that says you can’t have fun, too!

Making sure your child’s teeth are taken care of goes past good brushing. A lot comes down to what they’re eating, too! The key is in variety. There’s no need to stick with a few food groups when there are so many healthy options. Here are a few tips to help make the shift towards your child’s healthy smile:

Healthy and Delicious There are plenty of snacks that are both healthy and taste good. Sliced, fresh fruit such as watermelons and apples are always a good choice. The sugar they have is natural. The same goes for veggies & dip and unsalted almonds. If you have a blender handy, fruit smoothies made with low-fat milk are a great way to get nutrients even during those busy mornings. Here are some fun after school ideas!

A Treat or Two Even though sweets like candy, soda, and cookies are high in sugar, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place. They just need to be toned down. Diets with too much sugar will increase the bacteria in your child’s mouth, hurting their tooth enamel and causing cavities. A treat is fine every once in a while, just be sure they brush their teeth extra well to protect their smile!

Buff-Up That Smile No snack is complete without a drink to wash it down. Milk comes with calcium that can help keep your child’s teeth and gums strong and protected from germs and bacteria. Another healthy choice is unsweetened iced green tea. There’s water to make sure your child stays hydrated, as well as natural fluorides, which will help their teeth against decay/cavities. Juice is best kept limited. Most come with more sugar than any nutritional value.

A Good Time to Snack Eating a lot through the day is not the best for your child’s smile. The more they eat, the more bacteria that will build up on their teeth. The best time for a snack is a few hours after one meal with 1-2 more hours before the next. This will stop your child from over-eating at lunch or dinner. If snacks are kept planned and well spaced between meals, not only will their smile be healthy and bright, but the rest of their body will thank you as well!

TeethFirst! Creating healthy smiles for a lifetime.