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June 2014

Strategies for Parents to Prepare Children for Dental Visits

This blog posting is excerpted from the National Center on Health's Brush Up on Oral Health monthly e-newsletter.

What young children hear about the dentist affects their idea of what upcoming visits will be like. When children hear others talk negatively of the dentist, they may feel afraid of visiting the dentist or dental hygienist. Here are some tips to make sure your child has a happy first dental visit:

Are Pacifiers Good For Baby's Mouth?

Paci, Binky, Nukie. Whatever cute name you and your child may have for it, chances are that a pacifier will be a part of every child's life at some point. Many parents and caregivers wonder if pacifiers can cause problems for baby's developing teeth and mouth. Today, TeethFirst! weighs in on this topic.

Why do babies use pacifiers?

¿Son los chupetes beneficiosos para la boca del bebé?

Bobo, pipo, tete. Cualquiera sea el divertido nombre que usted y su niño usen para el chupete, es muy posible que sea parte de la vida de todos los niños en un momento u otro. Muchos padres y personas que cuidan a niños se preguntan si los chupetes pueden causar problemas en el desarrollo de la boca y los dientes del bebé. Hoy, ¡primerolosdientes! se ocupa de este tema.

¿Por qué usan chupetes los bebés?

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