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Oral Health for Pregnant Patients

Good oral health during pregnancy is important for the health of both mother and baby. As the body changes during pregnancy, so does the mouth – pregnant women may notice changes in their mouth, teeth, and gums as early as the first three months of pregnancy.

Evidence shows that improving the oral health of expectant and new mothers can prevent transmission of cavity-causing bacteria, and may help improve the overall health of the baby.

We are pleased to share a new bilingual brochure for pregnant women, which describes the importance of good oral health (and regular dental care!) for mom and baby. Click here to view the "Healthy Teeth for You and Your Baby" brochures. Please click here to order your free copies today!

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that "women should be counseled about the maintenance of good oral health as well as the safety and importance of oral health care during pregnancy."  Primary care providers can assess expectant mothers’ oral health, provide guidance on good oral health care, and make referrals to a dentist.

The National Maternal & Child Oral Health Resource Center recommends that all health care professionals advise women that:

  • Dental care is safe and effective during pregnancy. Oral health care should be coordinated among prenatal and oral health care providers.
  • First trimester diagnosis and treatment, including needed dental x-rays, can be undertaken safely to diagnose disease processes that need immediate treatment.
  • Needed treatment can be provided throughout pregnancy; however, the time period between the 14th and 20th week is ideal.
  • Elective treatment can be deferred until after delivery.
  • Delay in necessary treatment could result in significant risk to the mother and indirectly to the fetus, and
  • Oral hygiene and healthy habits for newborns.

Consider addressing the oral health needs of your pregnant patients today!

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