Teeth First! Teeth First!

My First Teeth

It's such an exciting moment when your baby flashes a smile and you see tiny, pearl-white teeth start to appear! Although the teething process can cause a baby to be fussy,  it signals an important moment in their growth and dental care. It also means the beginning of full, healthy smiles! Here are some really great tips for this big Smilestone:

The First Teeth Are Here:  Just like that—they're here! Usually the first teeth to grow out of the gums) are the bottom front two teeth. Once you can see the teeth, be extra careful when cleaning or caring for that area. A baby's teeth will usually continue to grow out in pairs, so the next place to watch is the top front!

A Teething Reminder: A baby's first teeth means they are well into the teething stage. Most babies begin teething around the age of 6 months, so a lot of our teething care tips will still work once they have their first teeth! Take a look at our previous blog all about teething babies!

Delicious New Foods: First teeth open up new possibilities for you child—especially with food! In the first few months, little ones will drink breast milk and/or formula. During the teething process, soft foods like apple sauce or mashed fruits or veggies are best, especially chilled! Once their first teeth grow out, babies can begin to explore small bites of things like eggs, avocado, bananas, and mashed sweet potatoes. Make sure to give them small pieces that are easy for them to handle and watch for choking hazards. Be sure to speak with your doctor about any concerns or potential allergies.

First Visit to the Dentist: First teeth are one of the most important Smilestones because it means that your baby is ready to visit a dentist! Although it is recommended that a child's first dental visit take place when their first teeth appear or by their first birthday, many parents don't know that. It's important to make this appointment so the dentist can make sure your baby's teeth and mouth are healthy. It also gives the chance for you to ask questions, and it helps your baby start to recognize the dentist and dentist office as a nice place with nice people. If your child has their first teeth and you don’t have a dentist for them yet, click here to help find them one.

Smilestones Photo Tip: This Smilestone calls for a close-up photo! If the baby's first teeth are at the bottom, you'll need a really big smile or a laugh to get a good picture. Try getting close and making a silly noise! https://www.teethfirstri.org/smilestones/

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