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New Video! Your Baby's Dental Health

Written by: United Healthcare, RIte Smiles

The video is for new parents, especially new moms. The intent is to supplement more general information being provided on infant health and home care, with materials focusing on the importance of dental health. Providing this, along with other background on infant health, underscores the significance of dental health as part of overall well-being, starting when children are very young.

In this short video, a number of vital dental topics are touched on. These include: the impact of dental caries (tooth decay), home care for newborns, the importance of not putting infants to bed with a bottle of liquid other than water, steps to avoid transmitting decay causing bacteria from parent to child, recommendations to schedule the baby’s first dental visit between the time the first tooth erupts and that child’s first birthday, the value of fluoride varnish, and finally a reminder to parents to look after their own dental health.

Your Baby’s Dental Health was originally created in partnership with UnitedHealthcare Community and State of Arizona, and the UnitedHealthcare Marketing team, and has the approval of Rhode Island Executive office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS). 

The video is also available in Spanish! Please see La salud dental de su bebé

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