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Choosing Water

What your child decides to drink to keep their smile as healthy as it can be is the next Smilestone on their list!

Everybody enjoys a cold soda or, with the warm summer sun shining overhead, that tall glass of lemonade. Every once in a while, that’s perfect! It’s what your child drinks on a daily basis that plays the most important role. Especially when it comes to their smile.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why water is the best (and healthiest) choice for your child to drink:

Wash Away the Germs Soda and juice can taste great, but they also leave behind a good amount of sugar. And bacteria love to snack on sugar! Drinking water not only stops that from happening, but it also washes away any sugar and leftover food that bacteria are attracted to.

Stronger Teeth Water also comes with the benefit of having small, natural levels of fluoride. This helps your child prevent tooth decay and fight off cavities. Most public (and bottled) water has been treated with more, smaller amounts of fluoride after studies proved that children in those areas showed a rise in greater overall tooth and gum health.

Keep Hydrated Fun fact: saliva fights off tooth decay too! A lot like water, every time your child swallows they’re washing away germs. They’re even providing their teeth with some extra calcium! None of this can happen if their mouth is dry, though. This is one reason it’s important for them to stay hydrated. Drinking water keeps their saliva flowing and the bacteria running scared.

A Healthier Life While all those sugary drinks can be harmful to your child’s teeth, too much of them will also affect their overall health. As an added bonus, water is free of any calories. This means your child can drink as much as they want and still be taking care of their growing bodies – as well as their smiles!

Nothing can replace brushing your teeth, but drinking water is a big help in keeping cavities away!

Smilestones Photo Tip: Try and capture the moment as your child either picks water instead of soda or juice, or is happily watching you pour them a tall glass of water. www.teethfirstri.org/smilestones

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